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Ultimate Camera Lens Hood
Ultimate Camera Lens Hood
Ultimate Camera Lens Hood
Ultimate Camera Lens Hood
Ultimate Camera Lens Hood
Ultimate Camera Lens Hood
Ultimate Camera Lens Hood
Ultimate Camera Lens Hood

Ultimate Camera Lens Hood

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FINALLY! A perfect solution to unwanted glares & reflections!

Say no to unwanted elements hindering you from capturing those amazing shots from your professional camera.

This amazing lens hood will give you that extra edge you needed for top quality shots.

A no-brainer, must have in every photographer & videographer's kit.


  • Remove glares by day & reflections by night: Whether you're shooting through a hotel window, a high-rise observation deck, the window of a bus or through an enclosure at the zoo - the UCLH makes a massive difference, transforming a potentially bad photo into a great one saving unnecessary editing times.

  • Can be used freehand or on a tripod: Move around without any complicated setup at popular tourist locations & zoos where lots of wandering people makes available space limited & on venues that have banned tripods entirely!

    • Leaves no marks on the window: Our UCLH is made of silicone, and is designed to rest against the glass, rather than attach to it.

    • Made for every camera lens: Our 30mm version can be stretched over the 120mm diameter hood from the Canon 100-400 lens, and comfortably stretch even further. There is also a smaller version at 35mm (1.4") for all smaller lenses and cameras (inc. Moment, ExoLens & Lemuro).

    • Much more effective than a CPL: Polarising filters are known to modify and remove some reflections at certain angles but don't work to fully block the glare (especially at night). A good quality CPL is expensive, they change the colors in your photo and you'll need adapter rings to fit them to all your lenses. If you already own a CPL, add the UCLH to your kit bag and get the best of both! (and the added weatherproofing the UCLH provides!)

      Compatible Brand: CANON, NIKON, Pentax, Sony, Minolta, Sigma, Samsung, Fujitsu, Casio, SONY, Olympus, yi, Fujifilm, Leica, Tamron, Universal