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U-Shaped Trigger Point Massage Roller Yoga Fitness Equipment

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Say goodbye to bye-bye meat arm massage to relieve muscle soreness, relieve muscle soreness in trapezius, and train swan neck to relieve sedentary neck aches.

Made of high quality ABS plastic with long service life.

Relieve muscle soreness: Relieve the stress of sedentary office after exercise.

Beautify leg lines: prevent thickening of legs after exercise, say goodbye to muscular legs.

Promote recovery after exercise: Drive away fatigue after exercise and maintain exercise status.

Beautify the legs: Say goodbye to muscle aches and tortures, wrap and wrap the massage to prevent the legs from thickening after exercise.


Product Name: Leg Massager

Weight: 325g

Size: 25 * 27cm

Material: PP + EVA


Designed for use in demanding sports medicine, physical therapy, and high-intensity Pilates and yoga classes, the highest density roller is the MSG black foam roller. Relieves strained or injured muscles, self-massages soft tissues for active triggering of knots and knots, and eliminates soreness. Professionals use high-density rollers to emit tough muscle adhesions in the heavier lower limbs (including the tibial band (IT band), piriformis, rope or quadriceps).

Anti-breaking elastic bracket: elastic PP width can be adjusted to meet massage needs. .

Wrapped massage experience: Full wrapped close to the skin, 360 ° massage experience.

Floating point design: Bionic finger massage floating point, as gentle as finger massage.

The elastic bracket can be adjusted in width, and the width can be easily adjusted to meet various usage needs.

Smooth rolling without meat: 4 independent rolling without affecting each other's smooth rotation. .

1 * leg massager