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Nano Screen Cleaner
Nano Screen Cleaner
Nano Screen Cleaner
Nano Screen Cleaner
Nano Screen Cleaner
Nano Screen Cleaner
Nano Screen Cleaner
Nano Screen Cleaner

Nano Screen Cleaner

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It is more important now than ever for your phone screen to be clean at all times with how infectious diseases can be! 

The truth is, dirty phones gives off a nasty and non-hygienic impression. The ToughShield™ Screen Cleaner is just what you need. The simplicity of being able to spray your screen and then wipe it down and BAM!

You now have the cleanest screen you can possibly have. Making your phone look brand new!

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It is also the perfect size for carrying around all day or even just simply leaving it beside you on your desk. It's sleek design makes it perfect for fitting in with all surroundings.

ToughShield™ vs. Without ToughShield™

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Main Features:

  • Remove all dirt & grime + Decontamination, leaving you with a brand new fresh screen!
  • Suitable for Mobile phone, computer screen, iPad, tablet, tv & any screen
  • An all-in-one cleaning spray & cloth combined
  • Sleek design with spray button designed for use comfort
  • Have a portable mirror once screen is cleaned!
  • Easy and convenient to replace the cleaner bottle once finished


Q: How many sprays can you get out of a bottle?

A: Each bottle contains 15ml of cleaning fluid. Can clean up to 80 times!

Q: How do you clean the cloth when it gets dirty?

A: There are actually 3 layers to this Screen Cleaning Spray kit:
- clear transparent outer case
- the cleaning cloth
- the actual spray bottle! 

You can clean the cleaning cloth by washing it in water and wiping it with a sponge or soft brush.

Q: Is this antibacterial?

A: Our lens cleaners contain 5% isopropyl alcohol. It helps with its antibacterial properties and fast drying.

Q: What are the ingredients?

A: The cleaning spray has 5% isopropyl alcohol, 2% sodium dodecyl sulfate, 0.1% Preservatives, 92.9% purified water. Sodium dodecyl sulfate is a common ingredient for most household cleaning agents like soaps, dishwashing pastes/liquids. It is not particularly toxic even if ingested. It is also non-carcinogenic. The 5% alcohol is just added for its anti-bacterial properties.