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Pet Flea Savers
Pet Flea Savers
Pet Flea Savers
Pet Flea Savers
Pet Flea Savers
Pet Flea Savers

Pet Flea Savers

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Does Your Pet Ever Itch?

The Electric Flea Comb is a revolutionary new device that solves that problem! It combines vacuum technology with a pet comb - It removes fleas, lice, and any other foreign parasites while at the same time giving your pet a soothing spa-like massage.

To use it, simply plug it into a wall outlet and start combing. The comb features a stainless tooth with gentle round edges that is harmless to your pets and two adjustable combing angles for ease of use. After treatment, simply detach the filter from the unit, seal it with the provided lid and dispose of it. Results are immediate!

Not to mention that this device could save you hundreds in future vet fees or treatments...


  • Easy to use: All lice, fleas, and eggs are captured in the secure disposable filter bag

  • Rounded stainless steel teeth with adjustable combing angle, ergonomic and no harm to your pet. Very durable.

  • After treatment, simply detach the capture filter and snap on the lid for hygienic disposal.

  • Filter unit with LED illuminated: View lice, ticks, and fleas that have been removed from the hair while using this device.