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Interactive Dog Toy Puzzle

Interactive Dog Toy Puzzle

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Exercise The Mind Of Your Dogs With Interactive Dog Toy Puzzle That Will Give Them Treats!

Interactive Dog Toy Puzzle

Keep your dogs active with the Interactive Dog Toy Puzzle. This dog puzzle is a fun way to give treats to your dogs. This is a great way to exercise the mind of your dogs and to prevent them from boredom.

Dog Toy Puzzle

  • An interactive toy that also serves as a multifunction pet bowl feeder

  • It provides hours of fun for your pet when it slows down the speed of eating to keep the pet healthy.

  • Keeps your pet active and eliminates depression, loneliness, and gloominess.

  • Non-Toxic and smooth. The dog training toy is made of environmentally-friendly and high-density wood. It is totally safe for your dog, durable, smooth and tear resistant.

  • The hidden food box and trap design are so interesting for dogs. There are some slots exclusively designed to connect the sliders and the toy. The design makes the sliders slide smoothly but not fall off easily

  • Good for your pet's intelligence. The interesting design makes the eating process an interesting puzzle and game. The pet must think about how to get the treat, it will stimulate its intellectual development.

  • Paw size: 24x23.5x3cm

  • Bone size: 29x19x3cm

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