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Cat Ball Track Toy
Cat Ball Track Toy
Cat Ball Track Toy
Cat Ball Track Toy
Cat Ball Track Toy
Cat Ball Track Toy

Cat Ball Track Toy

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The Cat Ball Track Toy

Do you want to keep your cat entertained even when you’re not at home? Then, this three-level tower cat toy is definitely for you. This interactive cat toy, with three exciting levels, encourages your cat to play for hours and hours!  

Benefits You Get:


  • Relieve boredom

A risk to keeping your cat indoors is that they become “bored”. Boredom can lead to a variety of problems such as inappropriate urination, destructive behaviors such as scratching, aggression, depression, lethargy, over-vocalization/crying, increased or decreased appetite, and sleeping more.


  • Stay active indoor

This Cat Ball Toys three-level interactive toy satisfies your cat’s curious nature by letting them swat and bat all kinds of enticing "prey," whether they're playing alone or with their playfellows.   


  • Helps your cat to become friends with other cats

This Cat Ball Track Toy is an interactive toy and perfect for a single cat or multiple cats


  • Make that Ball Toys as a perfect gift

This interactive cat toy is always found among the best Christmas cat toys. Besides, it’s also a perfect gift for kids and little puppies.


  • Super Durable

Made of high quality, non-toxic environmental friendly PP plastic, safe and harmless to your cat.


  • Enjoy unique design

This interactive cat toy comes in three levels for extra fun for cats at all ages with bright colors that attract cat’s attention. The best part is that your cat can’t pull out the balls easily because once their paws catch the balls, they will roll around and keep your cat busy playing. Bonuseach layer can be locked soyour cats will never lose another ball under the couch).


  • Keep your furniture away from scratches

This interactive toy will keep your cat entertained for hours which means no more damaged furniture or wall scratches from boredom.


  • Enjoy Quiet Playtime

The bottom pad sponge design allows the toy to stay stable, avoids floor scratching and prevents annoying noise.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How will I make sure my cat won't get bored of it?

It's a cat's instinct to hunt, she'll go back to it over and over again.